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Prof. Dr. Alp Ustundag


Prof. Dr Alp Ustundag is the founder and the CEO of Navimod Business Intelligence Solutions. He graduated from Industrial Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in 2000. He got his MBA degree from Bogazici University in 2002 and his doctoral degree from ITU in 2008. He is also a lecturer at Industrial Engineering Department of ITU. He worked in IT and the finance industry from 2000 to 2004. He has conducted many projects relating to the supply chain and logistics management, data analytics and soft computing.

Mahmut Sami Sivri

Director of Software Dev & Data Analytics

Mahmut Sami Sivri is director of software development and data analytics at Navimod Business Intelligence Systems. He has completed Istanbul Technical University Computer Engineering undergraduate and Engineering Management graduate programs. He worked in various companies and positions in the software industry since 2008. He specialized in web design and development, Windows applications, database management systems, big data platforms, data analytics and optimization tools.



Ömer Faruk Beyca

Director of Artificial Intelligence

Associate Professor Ömer Faruk Beyca is the Director of Artificial Intelligence Solutions at Navimod Business Solutions. He also works as a lecturer in Istanbul Technical University, Department of Industrial Engineering. He received his PhD in Industrial Engineering from Oklahoma State University in 2013. He conducts studies in the fields of machine learning, optimization, simulation, signal processing. He has publications in many prestigious scientific journals.

Berkay Gültekin

Software Dev and Data Analytics Specialist

Berkay Gültekin completed his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Mechatronics Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. He started his career as an operations engineer and later took on the role of a strategy and business analyst. Currently, he works as a software development and data analytics specialist at Navimod. Here, he specializes in big data and business analytics, adding value to the company’s data-driven strategies. Additionally, he is pursuing a master’s degree in big data and business analytics at Istanbul Technical University.

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